Private Pilates

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Private Pilates class

Private (or semi-private) Pilates class.

The Studio is located at 7 Sycamore Close, Witney, where sessions are tailored to an initial movement assessment and agreed goals.

Call to learn how a one to one instructions can improve movement strategies for mobility and alleviating tension to the muscle and fascia tissue.

Overal workout

Audri was recommended to me as a Massage Therapist and has proven to be excellent in delivering beneficial treatment for me. Offering a professional, flexible and informative service, each session with Audri is a genuine pleasure - as well as making me feel great! Thank you, Audri'

Jon D., Witney

Audri is a very personable lady with great expertise in massage. I thoroughly enjoyed my treatment and would recommend her highly.

Katie G., Hailey

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